Zak Szymanski

Broker at Pitkin Szymanski Tallent

About Zak

Lucky and grateful is how I feel going to work every day. My passion for realty is evident in my consistent multi-million dollar sales production and hundreds of successful transactions. But behind those numbers are the stories that matter: My first-time buyers who rehabbed a fixer-upper which we later sold for enough to wipe out their student loan debt.  The family that landed their dream home in a competitive environment because we tracked down a listing before it hit the market. The sellers about to take a loss until we did some inexpensive remodeling that turned them a profit. The retirees who were finally able to move closer to their grandchildren.

More than a decade ago I was a news reporter in New York and San Francisco. These skills have proved invaluable in the deadline-oriented real estate industry where investigation and attention to detail make all the difference. Since 2008 I’ve been helping Bloomington buyers and sellers accomplish their goals. In 2014 I jumped at the chance to work with Karen Pitkin, and our team today includes the most ethical, generous agents I’ve ever met.

In my free time I’ve been involved with animal advocacy, neighborhood associations, and several real estate rehab projects of my own. I love most music and follow local karaoke culture.  I occasionally teach writing at Indiana University. I’m a proud dad to two resentful indoor cats and a sturdy little rescue dog I plucked from the streets.

I’m honored to be a part of several social circles that span our diverse university, arts, and business cultures. Included here are my distinguished business partners and RE/MAX office mates, who have become family to me. Working with people I trust and love makes me a stronger agent, better able to serve all my clients’ needs.


As a testament to Zak and his abilities as a realtor, I actually found myself googling ‘National Realtor Appreciation Day’ because I am so in awe of how much and how very hard Zak has worked for us. This was our first time selling a house and I didn’t know what to expect from a realtor. Zak set the  bar very, very high. He was available pretty much 24/7 to answer questions, talk us through different scenarios, offer feedback on what made sense and what didn’t etc. I found myself in disbelief that he could even have multiple clients, considering how much time and attention he gave us! And now, a month after we closed on our house, he is still as available as ever. His knowledge of the Bloomington market, along with his eye were invaluable as we sold our house. His counsel helped us get top dollar – and in a very short period of time. I cannot recommend Zak highly enough. He is absolutely the only realtor we’ll ever use!

– A. Sterling from Bloomington, IN


I am not prone to hyperbole, but Zak deserves every ounce of lavish praise his clients bestow upon him. I have worked with some outstanding realtors, but Zak was hands down the best realtor I have ever encountered. He was so responsive that if I didn’t know better, I would think he had clones running around Bloomington. From taking video of prospective properties to jumping on listings the second they hit the market, he was consistently on top of it. His energy was equally matched by his knowledge of the market and ability to gauge the motivation of the seller. Finally, as if that weren’t enough, he continued to assist us after we closed the deal. In conclusion, you will find no better realtor. Period.

– M Forbes, IU Parent Investor

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